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Virgin Voyages takes you to the bank with compelling commission plus earnings on pre-voyage bookables. And with no NCFs, you can kiss those asterisks goodbye.

When it comes to earning for the work you do booking your Sailors on the best vacations of their lives, you can kiss those asterisks goodbye. Virgin Voyages rewards you with 16% commission on voyage fare, always, and no NCFs…ever. And that’s not just 16%; it’s 16% on a sailing with a higher fare than many other cruise lines and travel products.

Then, when you set your Sailors up with pre-voyage bookables to make their getaway truly the greatest — including airfare, hotels, Shore Things, and Bar Tab — you’ll earn 10% commission on those (even when your Sailors add it on their own). Just as they want to see your Sailors ecstatic over the experience when they’re sailing away, Virgin wants to see you loving the cash that you’re banking away.

Epic Experiences Await

A 95% satisfaction score and 40% onboard rebooking rate speak to the extraordinary experience offered with Virgin Voyages.

Proof is in the numbers (and in your Sailor’s smiles); a 95% satisfaction score speaks to the extraordinary experience Virgin Voyages delivers for your Sailors. And, with an industry-leading onboard rebooking rate exceeding 40%, the high likelihood of your Sailors returning again for a future sailing—on which you still earn, no matter how they book it—means that each booking you make is really more like 1.4 bookings.

The Most 5-Star Reviews

From garnering the most 5-star reviews on Tripadvisor to sweeping the entire large ship category (best cabins, best dining, best service, best value-for-money, and best overall!) of the 2023 Cruise Critic Cruisers’ Choice Awards, Virgin Voyages is making a (big) splash with their four gorgeous lady ships.

Trade the Ordinary for the Extraordinary

From serene azure waters to vibrant coastal cityscapes, Virgin Voyages sails to irresistible destinations known for history, culture, excellent eats, and great weather. With late-night and overnight stays, Sailors not only have plenty of time to enjoy immersive experiences, but to explore beyond sunset.

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