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Be Inspired — Eco Adventure

Awaken your wild side as you venture off the beaten path to explore Tobago's lush natural beauty. Immerse yourself in the flora and fauna of the oldest protected rainforest in the Western Hemisphere (and UNESCO listed); go deep and allow your inner adventurer to explore the colorful marine life of the island's vibrant reefs and indulge your senses with a therapeutic waterfall massage courtesy of Mother Nature. Discover why Tobago truly is Nirvana for all naturalists.


Tobago is a sight to behold both on land and water. Under its surface, divers and snorkelers can discover a kaleidoscopic world, replete with vivid sponges and corals and brilliantly colored marine life. The island's intimate reef systems are rich in marine biodiversity, clear, pristine waters, and its range of diving sites are natural treasures. Tobago also has many highly trained instructors and a hyperbaric chamber, making Tobago the perfect dive destination for both experienced and novice divers.

Bird Watching

December to April is the prime time to spot the most birds. Before the wet season, especially March and early April, is when many forest species are at their most active, and migratory species, stopping over on the way to North America, are at their peak. There can be an estimated 260 species on the island at this time.

You can be assured of good field observations whenever you visit Tobago though, as the island has a huge range of permanent resident birds. And for the non-experts there's plenty to spot without going too far from your sun-lounger, with many hotels and lodges setting up feeders that attract the prettiest little hummingbirds.

Beaches & Bays

Rent a car so you can drive all around the island, as you’ll be able to see it in a day since the island is just 27 miles long. You will be in awe of the coastline filled with some of the most beautiful beaches and the scenic views of the mountain terrains and rainforests. From Buccoo Bay to Englishman's Bay and Nylon Pool, these are just a few the best beaches you could ever visit, especially with the clear crystal waters reflecting off the sun.


Rolling hills, rugged terrain and scenic trails create many picturesque opportunities for hikers in Tobago. Surrounded by lush greenery, trekkers are spoiled for choice, with the promise of stunning waterfalls, remote beaches and breath-taking vistas as a reward at the end of every journey. Whether you prefer a smooth, steady, unencumbered climb or a more demanding ascent with challenging obstacles, you will have many opportunities to enjoy Tobago's wild and untamed botanical heaven.

Get a Taste for Tobago

Tobago's unique cultural history means it's a real mixing pot of flavors, including African, Asian, Creole and European delicacies — a journey around the world for your palate. Get your taste buds jumping with curried crab and dumplings or sample the freshest catch of the day.  

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