The Rhineland-Palatinate Region in Germany

Discover and Set New
Travel Milestones

Germany's Rhineland-Palatinate region, situated next to the Rhine and the Moselle rivers, encompasses charming villages and towns, excellent wine regions, fantastic castles, and thrilling excursions for active holidays.

Nature, Wine and
Cultural Heritage

Western Germany is bursting with special-interest travel opportunities for visitors to enjoy. Here is a sampling:

Culture and History

Castles, churches and abbeys reflect the rich history. Trier, Germany's oldest town and a UNESCO World Heritage site, was founded by the Romans. Over 300 castles let you experience their authentic and lively history.

Culinary Highlights and
World-Famous Wines

Around 70 percent of all German wine is produced in Rhineland-Palatinate. The six wine regions encompass the full range of German wines. Accompanied by world-famous culinary specialities, the pleasure will be all yours!

Unforgettable Festivals

Rhineland-Palatinate's wine festivals are a hallmark of the region. The Christmas markets are world famous and are among the most authentic markets in Germany. Another highlight is Rhine in Flames festival, where visitors experience the illumination of the beautiful middle Rhine valley around the famous Lorelei Rock by dozens of fireworks along the shores of the Rhine.

Nature Experiences

Experiencing nature in Rhineland-Palatinate is unique and diversified with gorgeous stream landscapes, mysterious volcanoes and endless vineyards. Almost half of Rhineland-Palatinate is covered by forests. Active travelers will enjoy exploring the region on 12 outstanding long-distance hiking trails and plentiful long and short tours via bike trails. Sights to behold include impressive castles and fortresses. Guests can rejuvenate by sampling famous wines and enjoying mouth-watering cuisine. 



Our Origin, Your Holiday Destination

Rhineland-Palatinate is a real treasure trove of stories and history. From the Celts, the Romans and the Franks right up to the present day, the region has always been brimming with adventure and excitement. Majestic castles, magnificent palaces and important churches reflect the rich history of this romantic region.  

Rhineland-Palatinate. Gold

Whether it is the sun shining over the vast and stunning landscapes, the glistening wine in the glass or the rich historical treasures, in Rhineland-Palatinate you will experience golden moments!


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