Kaanapali Beach Hotel

Modern, redesigned rooms
that reflect an unwavering dedication
to Hawaiian culture and tradition.

Redefining a Moment
Kaanapali Beach Hotel, celebrated as Hawaii’s Most Hawaiian Hotel, is ready to unveil its $75 million Kealaula renovation.  The term Kealaula refers to the glow seen at both sunset and sunrise, representing the setting and rising of a new era at the property.  

A Room with a Sense of Place
Set on a premier oceanfront location on the west side of Maui, Kaanapali Beach Hotel is loved for instilling the aloha spirit into all aspects of the guest experience.  As an independent property with roots in the community, this uniquely Hawaiian hotel utilized its cultural practitioners in designing the newly renovated, Premium rooms in its Papaku and Kauhale wings.  Among the upgraded, modern features are custom designed Hawaiian elements fused into the decor: the headboard which pays homage to the Kukui nut lei farewell ceremony, and the precious Hawaiian artifact (makamae) hanging in each room, handcrafted from raw materials by the employees. These artifacts differ by wing and floor.

Huihui, a Beachfront Restaurant
Kaanapali Beach Hotel’s new flagship restaurant, Huihui, pays tribute through its name and design to the longstanding tradition of Hawaiian wayfinding.  The name Huihui has dual-purpose meaning: it's both a star constellation and to 'mix, join.'  Just as the Hawaiian navigators utilize the stars to find their way, Huihui serves as a waypoint for travelers and locals alike to come together, share stories and dine on a blend of fresh, local flavors from Hawaiian inspired cooking methods and ingredients, with unmatched views of the Pacific and two islands.

Maui for Free

Give yourself a reward for your hard work.  Our travel agent program gives you one free night for every 10 nights booked.  Your free nights never expire, plus you can share them, if you want!  Visit our Travel Agent portal to learn more. (T&C apply.)

E kipa mai

Choose from traditional, non-renovated rooms or Premium, renovated rooms
to give your clients an authentic Hawaiian experience.  Plus, guests enjoy no resort fees, complimentary Hawaiian activities
and an incredible beachfront location.  
Don’t let your clients miss our signature farewell lei ceremony.


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