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Inclusive Collection invites you to discover Confidant Collective: a full suite of best-in-class tools to empower travel advisors to become Inclusive Collection experts.

Become an Inclusive Collection Expert with Confidant Collective

Inclusive Collection's full suite of best-in-class toolsConfidant Collectiveserve as a resource to empower travel advisors to become experts on the Inclusive Collection portfolio, with diverse content including new and informative video capabilities and opportunities to feature multiple promotional, sales, incentives and offers. Travel advisors have access to the latest news and information on the portfolio.

Confidant Collective Tools:

Confidant Learning: Become a Certified Confidant. Learn what sets the Inclusive Collection apart through an interactive education program designed to give advisors the expert advantage.

Becoming a Certified Confidant creates the foundation to provide advisors with a knowledge and understanding of Inclusive Collection and its ten brands. Advisors become a Certified Confidant upon full completion of the ten core Confidant Learning courses. Supplemental courses are available for advisors who focus on specialty travel.

Confidant Rewards: Unlock Endless Rewards. Start earning the next level of benefits and rewards for both you and your clients.

Confidant Rewards offers points for booking the Inclusive Collection through Hyatt, Inclusive Collection directly, or with a tour operator. Simply put, advisors can redeem those hard-earned points for exclusive benefits, including complimentary stay certificates, gift cards, charity donations and merchandise.

These exclusive benefits, combined with an impressive toolkit to support advisors and their goals, means immersive first-hand experience clients can consistently rely on.

It’s important to not just recognize, but also reward for loyalty and sales to Inclusive Collection. Tiers are based on the completion of Confidant Learning combined with production. As you complete Confidant Learning and enter bookings, you will move up from tier to tier. Advisors can unlock different rewards with each tier earned.

Confidant Connect: Get Exclusive Insights. Stay ahead of the curve with the Inclusive Collection newsletter, featuring the latest products, advisor incentives and upcoming webinars.

Inclusive Collection encourages advisors to login to the Confidant Collective daily to stay up-to-date on all offers and happenings. Confidant Connect will be distributed twice per month to keep advisors informed on all monthly incentives and offers.

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Confidant Collective

Confidant Collective is a dynamic platform with daily and weekly updates to ensure travel advisors have access to the most current information, tools and resources. It should be used daily as an essential resource for travel advisors. Impression by Secrets is the latest brand featured on the platform.


Popular & New Features

Some of the most talked about pages and new features on Confidant Collective are:

•Advisor rates - If an advisor scores 85% or above in Confidant Learning and becomes a Certified Confidant they have access to these rates. Rates are relative to the season in which an advisor is traveling and the resort they are considering.

•Personas - Learn all about the Inclusive Collection brands and what makes them unique.

•Rewards - Tiers have been introduced into the new rewards program, enabling the top producing advisors to be rewarded the most. In addition to luxury promotional items for advisors and their clients, advisors are now able to use their points to donate to charity.  

To join Confidant Collective, please visit the website and follow the registration instructions to create an  account. Confidant Collective is exclusively for travel advisors only.