Explore Shizuoka

Escape to Japan’s majestic home of Mount Fuji, green tea, rich culture and much more.

Stunning Shizuoka

With six easily accessible stations along the Tokaido Shinkansen bullet train route between Tokyo and Kyoto, Shizuoka provides the best of both worlds to its visitors: off-the-beaten-path Japan, right on the Golden Route. See the beauty of Japan’s small towns and countryside all under the nearby shadow of Mount Fuji.

Majestic Mount Fuji

Shizuoka is home to Mount Fuji, an icon of Japan’s natural beauty. While the mountain is visible throughout most of Shizuoka Prefecture, it is best experienced by visiting towns like Gotemba and Fujinomiya, which are situated near the base of the mountain. The mountain itself can be experienced in a myriad of ways; from climbing to the mountain’s peak or hang gliding nearby for a bird’s eye view, to photographing the mountain from one of the many stunning vista points or enjoying the view from an outdoor onsen (hot spring bath).

Glorious Green Tea

Shizuoka produces most of the green tea that is grown and harvested in Japan. Not only a staple crop, green tea is also a major part of Japanese culture. In Shizuoka, travelers can book green tea experiences that range from farm tours and tea-picking experiences to sit-down conversations and tea tastings with local farmers. Travelers can learn about how green tea is farmed, harvested, and produced, all while gaining an intimate look at the significance of the drink throughout Japanese history and through present day.


Impactful Travel for Visitors & Locals

Shizuoka provides unforgettable outdoor adventure activities and opportunities for cultural connection. With a network of locally owned and operated tourism business ventures, travelers can feel confident that their visit is making a positive impact on the local economy and its welcoming local population.

Community-Based Tourism

Shizuoka’s hoteliers, tour operators, restauranteurs, and more, are eager to welcome guests to experience all Shizuoka has to offer. Whether a cycling ecotour to visit UNESCO-World Heritage site, Shiraito Falls, or a relaxing stay at a historic ryokan on the scenic Izu Peninsula, visitors will have a direct touchpoint with Shizuoka locals.

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