Lessons in Luxury Selling:
Driving Profit by Repositioning
Los Cabos as the Ultimate
Adventure Destination

Los Cabos may be known as a swanky seaside destination for the glamour set where adventure is an afterthought, if an option, at best. In reality, the opposite is the case: imagine racing through sand dunes, bungee jumping down canyons, zip-lining high over dense forests, canyoning and more. The bottom line is that the posh getaway spot offers as much in thrills as it does in luxury resorts and extravagant hilltop villas.

Plugged into Los Cabos' unexplored adventurous side and seeing an opportunity to offer it to their clients from an untapped perspective, the team at Embark Beyond set out to rethink the way they sell this popular escape.

Co-Founder of Embark Beyond Julie Danziger summarizes it best when she says, “Rather than put Los Cabos on the same plane as, say Mayakoba, Anguilla or even Hawaii, we discovered how this mainstay escape for the upmarket set could be packed with activities that are thrilling and unexpected.”

As part of its Embark Epic advisor experience program, Embark dispatched top advisors on a four-day mission to rediscover Los Cabos with a fresh lens and learn how to offer it as an accessible adventure destination with unparalleled luxury in the Western Hemisphere.

“I’ve been selling Los Cabos for over 10 years and been about five times,” notes Kristian Capati, a luxury travel advisor at Embark, “I was completely blown away with the abundance of unexpected adventure activities all within easy access that rivals Costa Rica, Switzerland or even New Zealand.”

Los Angeles resident and frequent Los Cabos visitor Josh Geller was also left more than impressed, “So many adventure activities were on offer. You could ride a camel, bungee jump, zip-line and ride UTVs through the desert directly back to the beach all in one day — and in time for a gourmet lunch at Solaz!,” he says.

Capatai adds, “The combination is so unique.  I have never been in one place with so many all-in-one advantages — filled with such amazing accommodations, fresh food, and things to do.  It’s not only exciting, but the fusion of desert, sea and mountain add a spiritual element that is actually healing in so many ways.”

Embark Lifestyle specialist Laura Worth was on the FAM too and says, “Nowhere in the world do you have this level of adventure activity fused with this level of true luxury —  think about it ... really nowhere in the world has this combination.”

Embarker Nathan Maleh was part of the group and says that he's now aware that Los Cabos is a multipurpose destination, servicing adrenaline seekers and beachgoers alike. “It’s an ideal choice for small or large groups that may have differing ideas of ‘vacationing’,” he says.

A Lesson in Selling Luxury:

As people’s interests and purpose for vacationing evolve and market saturation takes place, it’s integral to rethink any destination through a different lens and debunk any preconceived notions that you and your clients have about what it offers and who it’s for.  A strong advisor looks beyond what a client asks for and delves into what they really want and, more importantly, why they want it. The real luxury of having a travel advisor is to have someone who understands the “why” and is able to pair it with a locale that isn’t top of mind.

Embark Beyond’s strategy has seen success: the company’s CEO Jack Ezon says that its business to Los Cabos has grown 15 percent in only a month. “We are attracting a broad market of clients who were motivated to rediscover a place they felt they knew, or a client seeking an adventure elsewhere through the power of cross-selling.”

 So How Did They Do It?  

Here’s the dream itinerary to inspire the way you craft an experience for your adventure clients.

A Look at the EPIC Itinerary:

Day 1 — Resort: Chileno Bay Resort, Auberge Resorts Collection.

Morning: Private Pelican17 yacht sailing day to The Arch, Love Beach, sea lions, swimming, floating mats, snorkeling and an onboard Jacuzzi to relax. A day on the water should be a part of any Los Cabos itinerary! Just incredible!

 Credit: Daniel Shackleford, Shackleford Films

Evening: Top-notch hospitable send-off before our guided tour of historical San Jose del Cabo Town, its charming streets and amazing museums.
Dinner: Cocina del Mar Restaurant, Esperanza, Auberge Resorts Collection. What an incredible, not-to-be-missed restaurant and view. Spectacular!

 “I had no idea how we were going to fit the water, land activities and glamorous dinner all in one day, so I was pleasantly surprised at how well everything was coordinated and how easy it was.” — Geeta Rankoth

Day 2 — Resort: Solaz, a Luxury Collection Resort.

Morning: Wild Canyon land experiences. Hanging Bridge, UTV, ATV, bungee, zip-lining, horseback riding, camel riding, followed by ATV directly to Solaz, a Luxury Collection Resort where the resort’s team waited outside to welcome the Embark adventurers!

“Just when you think it can’t get any better, riding the ATVs directly to Solaz afterwards was like the cherry on the cake! When I heard we were riding directly to the hotel, I assumed maybe a side or back entrance. I was pleasantly surprised to drive directly to the entrance where we were greeted by the lovely team. Such an amazing and unexpected way to end the experience.” — Geeta Rankoth

Afternoon: Water adventure experiences launched right from the beach, horseback riding, jetskis, paddleboards, and kayaks.
Late Evening: Live music and dinner at Cielomar Restaurant, Viceroy Los Cabos followed by celebratory beach bonfire.

Day 3 – Resort: Viceroy Los Cabos.

Morning: Punta Lobos hiking with glorious views!
Afternoon: Lunch at Oystera Restaurant followed by guided tour of Todos Santos.
Then followed by a little relaxation at Viceroy Los Cabos after an amazing set of adventurous days!

“Voices of Embark” in Los Cabos: Embarking Beyond the Beach

 "Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” — Andre Gide

This quote from French author, Andre Gide might best describe the sentiment shared by our EMBARK Beyond advisors who recently returned from an Embark EPIC to Los Cabos. To say the Embark team knows Los Cabos, is an understatement. But as Gide says, by losing sight of the shore, you discover so much more.

Los Cabos, Beyond the Beach
Embark advisors, Josh Geller, Laura Worth, Jen Tenzer, Kristiana Choquet, Nathan Maleh, Katie Brook, Ariel Druck, Geeta Rankoth and celebrated cinematographer Daniel Shackleford & photographer Melanie Maganias spent three action-packed days in Los Cabos. And by action-packed, we quite literally mean action: Canyon camelback riding. ATVs. UTVs. Zip-lining. Bungee jumping. Horseback riding. Jet skiing. Sailing. Diving. Snorkeling. Kayaking. And, a few cabana cocktails.

This Epic was curated by Embark’s leadership not to visit the Los Cabos we know (the sand, pools, amazing restaurants and spas ... well a little of that of course), but instead, we wanted to dive (literally, in one case) into the adventurous side of Los Cabos that really gets the heart racing and is often overlooked, or worse, not recognized at all.

As our CEO & Co-Founder Jack Ezon (a self-proclaimed Los Cabos-lover) explains, “Los Cabos is one of the most multidimensional luxury beach destinations in the world. Its game-changing resorts have raised the bar in luxury, setting a world-class standard across the globe. Its award-winning gastronomic concepts redefined resort fare, but it is its host of sporting activities that set it apart from any other ordinary beach resort. Whether it is trophy sport fishing, ATV riding along sand dunes, paragliding, kayaking, whale watching or canyoning, desert adventures abound, all within a short glimpse of the sea.”

Personal Trip Highlights, Experiences & Observations From the Embarkers

“The activities offered at Wild Canyon were so fun and varied. The camel rides and the bungee swing (the beer/cocktail after jumping was very necessary 🙂) were so enjoyable. Plus, I loved the UTV ride around the park and then being able to drive directly to the Solaz main entrance was very unexpected and special!” -Ariel Druck

“My favorite part was seeing all the other activities Los Cabos has to offer outside of the beautiful resorts. Touring the historic district - seeing the various museums, art galleries and culinary options. Along with the Wild Canyon adventure park where we were able to do both land and water activities all in the same day. Showing clients all there is to do outside of the resorts in Los Cabos is a major selling point. For first-time Los Cabos visitors, or repeat clients.” — Katie Brook

“I was surprised by just how MANY luxury hotels there are in the Baja peninsula. Whether you’re seeking a tranquil spa retreat, romantic proposal spot, or just a fun getaway with a group of friends, there’s truly a hotel to suit anyone and everyone!” — Jen Tenzer

Safe to say, this group of Luxury Travel Advisors from Embark Beyond not only loved their adventurous trip to Los Cabos, they look forward to presenting its abundant attributes to many clients. “While Mexico is known for its numerous, beautiful vacation spots, Los Cabos takes it a step further; elevating service, activities, and cuisine. I think people tend to throw around the phrase, “there’s something for everyone” a bit more often than they should. But in the case of Los Cabos, it definitely fits the bill.” — Nathan Maleh

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