Where proven meets pioneering:
bring your customers the best of both worlds with the Allianz Advantage

What Is the Allianz Advantage?

Many travel companies and advisors see travel insurance as a great ancillary revenue opportunity—and it is. But it’s a lot more than that. Travel insurance gives consumers the confidence to travel, the kind of confidence that translates to more bookings and higher priced trips.

Give customers peace of mind when you protect their trip with Allianz Travel Insurance.  Allianz Partners offers a broad portfolio of product solutions for when things don’t go as planned. Our products are designed for all kinds of needs, so we can provide the right protection at the right time. It’s not just about making the sale—it’s about being there when customers need us most.

Travel insurance also drives higher customer satisfaction and loyalty, especially with products that make a meaningful difference. Choose the right partner to help you deliver those moments that matter.

With Allianz Partners, customers will get award-winning customer service ready to assist them 24/7 almost anywhere in the world. Our customer service team can help them get access to emergency medical assistance, but our aid doesn’t stop there. Customers can also receive compensation for covered delays, cancellations, and lost, stolen, or delayed baggage.

Our care extends to advisors, too. We constantly create new resources to help advisors support their customers, from our Travel Agent Academy and our digital Advisor Handbook to a suite of automated sales tools and free-of-charge access to tools like Sherpa.

Fully digital self-service options

To streamline the customer experience, we provide customers with self-service options—like 100% digital claims and access to information on the go through our TravelSmartSMapp. For plans with SmartBenefits®, customers won’t have to file a claim at all: they’ll get an automatic payment when we detect a qualifying delay.

Customer-centric approach

Through longstanding partnerships, Allianz Partners works with some of the world’s top travel brands. We know that making our customers feel good helps our partners look good, so customer experience is at the core of everything we do. Our personalized approach wins us awards—and earns our partners lifelong customers.

To learn more about how you and your customers can experience the Allianz Advantage, get in touch with us at JoinAllianzPartners.com.